This is how I spend my home-alone nights. A pen, a pad, a book and a cup of my forever favourite creamy latte, plus the rain! Yes, Craving satisfied. 😌🙌 Good evening anws! Hope you had a great day today!

white girl blog
keep it classy, never trashy
My love for Victoria’s Secret is so deep even deeper than any ocean in the universe
All black ◼️◾️▪️◾️◼️
Stairway to heaven
I always have a thing for sunsets.
A good book and a cup of tea to start off my day! Skipped school because conscience won’t let me sleep last night 😔😁 Good morning anyways! 🌞💕
I hate smiling lol

"Behind these eyes there is a girl trapped within her pain – a girl feeling all the emotions of anger and sadness. She’s fighting for a way out."

Flowers by Me.